Fish like a kid

Sanibel Fishing

The best fishing is sanibel fishing. My parents used to bring us to Sanibel, Florida when we were kids. The first thing I did was rent a bike and a fishing pole. Always gone early in the morning to fish and back for dinner. Sanibel fishing was heaven to me. My favorite fishing hole now has a house on it. All day I would fish catching sheep head, redfish, snook, snapper and whatever else would eat a shrimp. One time even an alligator that was swimming in the canal ate my shrimp. Those were the days that eventually landed me back to my favorite fishing hole.

Sanibel Island

Really a great spot for so many reasons. The best reason was to fish. The beaches, back bays, canals and bridges or wherever else you could wet a line was great. Snook were such a blast to catch, definitely a favorite. Growing up striper fishing, they were the stripe of the south. Florida is such a great place for fishing. Sanibel fishing was the creme of the crop for  me. Finally I decided to move here for good. This way I could sleep and fish. Instead of just fishing.

Sanibel Guide?

I had been on a few charters in this area. Not sure exactly what I was going to do for work. I got a job and fished as much as possible. Could I make a career out of fishing? What lacked in knowledge surely was made up with determination and hard work. As usually I would learn the hard way. Trying to start a business and keep another job was getting in the way of my fishing.  Eventually your hoby takes a back seat to your career. Would I do it any differently? Well of course, I wouldn’t have worked so hard. Sanibel fishing will always be fishing and I’ll always love it.




sanibel fishing guides

Sanibel fishing guides

Sanibel fishing guides

Sanibel fishing guides have been around a long time. Before the bridge and a lot of main roads were here. People have always flocked here for the great fishing opportunities. Even before they used engines fishing guides were rowing to make a living. It’s pretty cool to be apart of that. Wondering what it must have been like. In the beginning it must have been awful good. With more pressure and no regulations things change pretty quickly. Maintaining balance is the key to keeping everything just right. This is a hard thing to do. Besides things out of or control like red tide, cold water and I almost said fresh water.

Our office

Fresh water outflow is not in our control. With that being said it’s controllable with some help. Sanibel fishing guides of this era probably won’t see much of it. Hopefully for future generations they figure it out. We have a wonderful office and a great playground. It is starting to rebuild it’s self now and we can all help in some way. Fishing has been unsuspectedly good. Fishing guides as a whole are happy to see the closures that have been put in place. Catch and release is a wonderful thing.

Looking ahead

This fall has been an eye open for this sanibel fishing guide. Seeing how bad the fishery was hurt but still how strong it is. Snook fishing was really good in certain areas. The trout will have to re-build there stocks in all our local waters. They were hit hard but will bounce back the fastest. Red fish seems ok with quite a few smaller fish around now. This is a good sign that they had some kind of a spawn. The future is bright from where I am casting. As a guide I look forward to watching this area grow and hopefully we learned something along the way.




fishing fort myers florida

Fishing Fort Myers Florida

Fishing Fort Myers Florida

Fishing Fort Myers, Florida doesn’t get any better. People come from all over the country to fish are great waters. Not only the country but from all over the world. This area offer an abundance of nature and wildlife. The bird life along with all the dolphins and manatees is spectacular. In the winter it is common to see bald eagles and bunches of white pelicans. The surroundings on our fishing grounds alone are breath taking. Mullet flying through the air while you are trying to make a cast to a cruising snook is pretty cool. We have a unique setting and a great fishery here in Fort Myers, Florida.

Best Time?

People always ask what is the best time of year to fish? Great question with many answers. Obviously the fall is awesome for redfish. This is the time of year they school up on the flats in abundance. Snook is great in the fall as well, while they fatten up for winter. Winter can be a lot of fun, fishing the beautiful creeks and protected mangrove areas. You will catch snook, red fish, trout, black drum and sheep head. Spring is wonderful for big trout and snook that are heading for the beach. Of course the tarpon are hear which is the highlight of spring. Summer is hot and so is the beach fishing. Snook and trout will be out there along with a few tarpon. I guess the best time to fish is the present.

The slam?

Fishing for the slam in Fort Myers, Florida is a fun challenge. Our charters go for two different types. The most common is the Pine Island slam. This consist of a snook, red fish and sea trout all by the same angler. The second one is the gland slam which is a snook, red fish, seatrout and tarpon. Both are an achievement but the grand slam is awesome.



deep sea fishing charters

Deep sea fishing fort myers

Deep sea fishing fort myers are lots of fun on the right day. We specialize in back country fishing for sure. When the forecast is right deep sea fishing fort myers is a blast. In a 24 foot boat our range is not the best. Certain times of year you don’t have to run that far. In the winter the gag grouper come in on the ledges. Migratory fish like king fish, cobia, bonita and permit are fun in the spring and fall. Big mangrove snapper and tasty lane snapper are fun to catch and eat. If you want to wear yourself out pull on an amberjack or goliath grouper.


When i’m looking to fish structure chum is in the equation. The first thing after getting anchored up is put the chum  out. Not only will this bring up the snapper. It will draw in other fish and bait that is in the area. putting a block out is a good choice. You can also mix your own in a bucket and use that. Keep the chum flowing constantly as well. Live bait is great to have while deep sea fishing. If you have a lot, chum some in your area. Don’t be surprised if some bonita, king fish or amberjack move in. Sending live bait to the bottom is effective as well. You never know what you’ll catch out there.

Deep sea fishing fort myers, live bottom

Fishing live bottom is lots of fun as well. Trolling motors with the spot lock feature really help when deep sea fishing.  I like to drift over live bottom then hit the spot lock on a good area. If you find a good patch snapper, grouper and a variety of species are likely. Free lining a live bait out the rocket launcher is a good idea. There is something usually lurking out there. Find the right day to enjoy some deep sea fishing in fort myers.


charter fishing fort myers

Charter Fishing Fort Myers

Charter fishing fort myers is a different lifestyle. We like to were flip flops and get to much sun. Most have racoon eyes year round and not enough sun block. For some it’s a part time retirement gig. But for the guy who is making a living at it, wow serious business now. Things like the economy and real estate actually play a factor, along with hurricanes and red tide. Water quality for us in the fort myers area is always a factor.

Charter Fishing Fort Myers

Fishing charters could not be run for over two months. Local businesses were hit hard by the red tide. Most of whom are over it by now. If your a charter fisherman in the area it’s been a bit different. What we rely on is fishing. A lot of the fish are not swimming any more and will take time to re cover. While some of our client’s are not fishing with us until they feel it’s worth there while. Catch and release fishing has been strong this fall. Snook fishing has been great with fish of all sizes. Every inshore species need a break until there stocks are up. Pressure in this area is never going to decrease.

Charter fishing in fort myers will take a long term hit of some percentage. Will it ever get back to the way it was or better. Time will tell how it will hold up. Without any major water issues, red tide or cold periods, we need at least 2 years to re stock our fish populations. This is opinion and hope that things all go well. I believe it’s worth a hit on our industry to get our fishery back.  Winter and spring will give us a hint of where are local stocks are going to be at.




fishing sanibel island

Fishing Sanibel Island

me of year fishing Sanibel island has it’s up’s and down’s. With cold front coming on a weekly basis now you have to be ready for change. Therefore some of the best fishing is done in bad weather. The reason for this is as the front approaches typically the water is still warm. The wind is blowing out of the north as the temperature drops we feel it. However it takes a few cold days to cool down the water. So the water may still be in the 70’s but the wind and air are cold. A few days later as the air starts to warm the water will remain cold. A few warm afternoons will bounce it back. By this time we usually have another front on our doorsteps. This is typical for most of the winter.

Bait has been tough to get and will continue for awhile. The chilly water temps make the shrimp a bait of choice. Some different ways to fish shrimp is on a jig, free lined or on a hook with a split shot. It all depends on the species, water depth and temperature. One thing about fishing with shrimp, everything eats them. So when the weather starts to warm and the water is chilly it pays to dunk a shrimp.

The great thing about fishing sanibel island is you can do it all year without drilling a hole in the ice. The fishing can get tougher but there’s always something to catch. Catching big snook on live bait after fronts is not uncommon. The fish only know how cold the water is. The winter is a time to try it all. Find out what they are in the mood for. Typically when the water is cooler they aren’t going to want to work hard to feed. Keep trying till they stop biting.




sanibel tarpon fishing

Fort myers fishing guides

Fort myers fishing guides and living the dream. Loving to fish and being a guide are much different. This will change over time as well. Flip the switch sometime and hire a guide. One thing  I understand  is the fish don’t jump in the boat. Guides are hired to do all the work so the client can enjoy his day.. Showing up and getting in the boat is all the work  should you have to do. Hopefully reeling in some fish as well.  Almost all of a guides work is done before you see him. There is a bit after he leaves you as well. In the middle he should entertain and catch lots of fish.

Wind, tide, baitfish, the bite and weather can all reek havoc on fort myers fishing guides. Some days are perfect and some not so much. When the bait is easy and the fish are hungry it’s fantastic. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Fortunately you get to meet some new friends. You have a great office and a horrible boss. Motivation has to be a factor for fort myers fishing guides. If you are a bait fisherman you must be on the water early. This task is not always easy or fun. Most importantly when the live well is full and everyone is aboard you are living the dream.

This is what they tell me anyway. The good out ways the bad. Preparation is one key to success. There is tons of competition among fort myers fishing guides. Ups and downs like any other business. Every trip brings a new experience and a passion for the job. That’s pretty good in my book. Keep plunging away and working hard at it. As a result you mat be living the dream.



sanibel island fishing charter

Sanibel Fishing Charters

Sanibel fishing charters offers an array of fishing opportunity in a unique setting.  We are fortunate to have such an expansive back country fishery to explore. With expansive grass flats and miles of mangrove shorelines, our fish have a great habitat. We are fortunate to have an abundance of bait fish in our area almost all year round. In fact other then some really cold water temperatures bait will stay here all year. Great habitat, fish and bait, we are very fortunate.

Winter is on it’s way and the fishing will be more of a challenge. Sanibel fishing charters is a year round fishery with spring and fall being prime. Winter and summer offer great opportunity but to hot or to cold can make it difficult. However we are not cutting holes in the ice so let’s not get carried away. Cold water temps means slow and low and a good idea to try alsome shrimp or cut bait. The fish typically are not going to want to work to hard to eat. If sheep head and black drum are your thing then winter is prime and the colder the better. While you are fishing for these species it is likely to get into some red fish, snapper, snook and jacks.

The grass flats seem to be in good shape except for the ones closest to the river. With the heavy amounts of fresh water from the lake in that area it has killed the grass. Fresh water is very tough on our grass and oyster bars which are essential for our fishery. Without them we don’t have a fishery. Hopefully we will get some help in that area but don’t hold your breath. Sanibel island fishing charter is happy to announce that for the mean time the water is clear and things are looking up. Keeping the estuaries healthy so all our bait and fish can thrive is essential to our future fisher people. Enjoy and protect it we are fortunate to have it.


snook fishing charter

Fishing charters fort myers

Fishing charters fort myers fishing report this week has been solid with great fishing and weather. October and November have treated us with some outstanding weather as usual. The fall is such a fantastic time of year to fish with so much opportunity. Inshore, nearshore and offshore are all so good so plan accordingly and enjoy them all. This week was really good for catching snook and quite a few bigger fish around. We have a big temperature change coming for a few days so we shall see how they react to the changing water temperatures.

December is on the door step and with a shot of winter, things are going to change a bit. Bait has been getting a bit tougher these days so that will be a big factor going forward. Hopefully the water temp will bounce back as we warm up and the fish will start to get more active. The previous cold front we caught quite a few snook and red fish on shrimp and a jig so that’s always a good thing to try.  Also a free lined, hand picked shrimp on a snooks nose will attract some attention. Fishing charters fort myers has hooked a few small tarpon with the warm weather around which was an exciting surprise. Mangrove snapper has been getting tougher as the larger ones seem to be moving off but still catching a few. Trout still remain a mystery, hope they will rejuvenate quickly.

We had some fun on fishing charters fort myers this week and look forward to catching them next week. There has been quite a few small red fish showing up which continue through the winter. It’s good to see we have had a good spawn and hope all the species will be on the rebound. Some areas are holding plots of fish and yet other need a little help. Have fun fishing, enjoy the beautiful waters and conserve our fishery.




ft. myers fishing charter

Sanibel island fishing charter report

Sanibel island fishing charter, fishing report was very positive with good weather, fishing and water conditions. Water temperatures started in the low 80’s and climbed from there. Water quality has been excellent with clear conditions in most areas with high salinity levels. There is a lot of bait in the area. Not as much white bait at the moment. The water has been high in the early morning and then a strong outgoing for the remainder until the afternoon.

So we have good weather, water, bait and moving water which adds up to fun in my book. Sanibel island fishing charter have all been a lot of fun with lots of action and quality fish. There has been a lot of snook around and in all sizes especially small to mediums. Snapper and jacks have been providing lots of action and the red fishing has been decent for the fall.  There has been a lot of birds and bait along the beaches so look for all kinds of species with them. Mackerel, lady fish, shark, tarpon and more will be mix in with the bait and can provide a lot of fun.

The Rebound

It is really nice to see the condition of the water and our fishery bouncing back the way it is after what we have been through. It is resilient however we need to guard it and take care of it so we can all enjoy it through out the year. Many people who come back every year where unsure what to expect this year. It is great to see them having fun catching fish and enjoying the conditions we have. It is a great time of year here in southwest Florida so get out there and have some fun on the water. Go fishing with a friend or the family.

Captain Clarence