sanibel island fishing charter

Sanibel Fishing Charters

Sanibel fishing charters offers an array of fishing opportunity in a unique setting.  We are fortunate to have such an expansive back country fishery to explore. With expansive grass flats and miles of mangrove shorelines, our fish have a great habitat. We are fortunate to have an abundance of bait fish in our area almost all year round. In fact other then some really cold water temperatures bait will stay here all year. Great habitat, fish and bait, we are very fortunate.

Winter is on it’s way and the fishing will be more of a challenge. Sanibel fishing charters is a year round fishery with spring and fall being prime. Winter and summer offer great opportunity but to hot or to cold can make it difficult. However we are not cutting holes in the ice so let’s not get carried away. Cold water temps means slow and low and a good idea to try alsome shrimp or cut bait. The fish typically are not going to want to work to hard to eat. If sheep head and black drum are your thing then winter is prime and the colder the better. While you are fishing for these species it is likely to get into some red fish, snapper, snook and jacks.

The grass flats seem to be in good shape except for the ones closest to the river. With the heavy amounts of fresh water from the lake in that area it has killed the grass. Fresh water is very tough on our grass and oyster bars which are essential for our fishery. Without them we don’t have a fishery. Hopefully we will get some help in that area but don’t hold your breath. Sanibel island fishing charter is happy to announce that for the mean time the water is clear and things are looking up. Keeping the estuaries healthy so all our bait and fish can thrive is essential to our future fisher people. Enjoy and protect it we are fortunate to have it.