Fishing Charters fort myers weekly fishing report

Fishing charters fort myers,  has been excellent this week with great weather and fishing. We have had light winds and warm temperatures all week which allows much opportunity on the water.  Offshore, inshore and nearshore fishing has all been plentiful, just deciding what to do is the hard part.

Along the beaches they is lots of bait and predators of all kinds in the mix. Just look for the birds and you never know what you will get into. Lots of mackerel, jacks, lady fish, shark, tarpon and maybe a king fish or bonito. They all know how to pull your string, so look for some mind blowing action. 

Inshore the snook bite remains solid with quite a few large fish in the mix and some good size mangrove snapper as well. It was good to see a few decent size trout this week, so hopefully they are making a come back. A few red fish in there but not real consistent along with jacks of all sizes. Sun block and circle hooks are going well together this week so get out there and enjoy it.



Fort myers fishing charter a look ahead.

Fort myers fishing charter is coming to the end of fall and approaching the winter months ahead. We are going to talk about what to expect for the month of November and a bit on the coming winter fishing. This is a good thing for people who are looking to plan a vacation and get some fishing in as the weather gets cold up north.

November is a great month of the year for us as the cooler weather comes in and the fish prepare for winter. Typically the larger fish are going to pack on the pounds so they don’t have to feed as much when the water get’s too cold. This is especially true for the snook who do not tolerate cold water and can die if he water temperature stays too cold. The smaller fish will have to feed during the cold if possible but not so much for the larger females.

With that being said it’s a good time of year to catch and release some snook of all sizes. The biggest fish a fort myers fishing charter landed this week was estimated at 36″, with others in that range. It is great to see lots of small snook as well which tells us we have had some good spawning years. Along with the snook fishing, their has been some red fish around snapper, jacks but not too many trout.

This winter will be a little different for fort myers fishing charter, but we will just have to see. The snook bite should remain strong and hopefully a lot of small red fish will be around as well. Typically we will catch trout in the winter which like the snook are smaller fish but we will just have to wait and see. For now we can enjoy some of the best weather of the year and some fantastic fishing.



Sanibel Island Fishing Charters and Fort Myers 3. (Weekly Fishing Report)

Sanibel island fishing charters weekly fishing report is full of snook.  They say fisherman are full of something else but never the less there have been a lot of snook on the lines so far this week.  The second cold front was actually for real and what a nice change with the summer heat behind us now we welcome the weather but please not too cold. We fisher people can be fussy always looking for those perfect conditions and talking of that perfect day. Until that day we have to keep guessing and adjusting to all the variables. Wind, tide water temperature, barometric pressure and of course luck all play a role in keeping it interesting.

With all those things changing everytime a front rolls through you think the bite would change or something. Nope fish are still biting and the water temperature remains in the 70’s which are both good news. Snook action has been really good with good numbers being caught and some bigger fish as well. Snapper remain hot and good on the dinner table as well as we respect the closures and the lack of trout. Some big jacks and a few red fish have been around for a great fight and release. The fishery seems in good shape but the sea trout have almost been non existent in the areas that I have been fishing. Although I am not targeting the species because it has been so unproductive, it is typically to catch trout along with the other species.

This weeks sanibel island fishing charters has been one of action, with some bigger fish mixed in. Everyone is catching lots of fish and even getting some shots at a picture fish. Quite a few snook in the 30″ range with some nice red fish and some jacks pushing 10 pounds. Great weather and some great fishing to go along with it so now is the time to get out and enjoy it.




Ft. Myers Fishing Charters 2. (Weekly Fishing Report)

Ft. myers fishing charters weekly fishing report has been uplifting as we are in the full fall swing.  Our first cold front came through but it was really weak, basically turning the humidity down a bit.   Water Quality remains really good with clear conditions and zero red tide in any immediate area. The sea grass looks healthy and there is a lot of bait on the flats.  We have some outgoing tide in the morning early then a nice incoming the rest of the day with really great weather to be outdoors.

There are some tarpon still around making there way south for the winter and should be fun until we get a good shot of cold weather.  There has been a lot of bait along the beaches as well so look for the birds and you should find the fish.  King fish, Spanish mackeral, red fish, shark and tarpon, you just never know what you may hook into.

Inshore the bite remains good, Ft. myers fishing charters are catching a lot of snook, snapper, red fish and some big jacks. Trout bite still remains tuff with some smaller ones around. The area has really rebounded tremendously since the red tide came through. Yesterday we caught lots of big jacks in the morning along with some snapper and then quite a few snook as the tide was coming in. Some of the bigger snook are starting to feed as we approach winter. All the fish have looked really healthy, with lots of smaller fish around and a mix of medium to larger fish as well.  This is a good sign for the future as the stock rebuilds.

The stand out this week was definitely seeing some larger snook  being caught and loosing quite a few.  Knowing we have quite a few breeders around for the spawn next year is vital. These fish are lots of fun to catch but need to be handled properly and released because exhaustion and stress can kill them.  Enjoy the great weather and fishing it’s always fun being out there.





Ft. myers fishing charter 1.(weekly fishing report)

Ft. myers fishing charter, fishing report was very positive with good weather, fishing and water conditions. Water temperatures started in the low 80’s and climbed from there. Water quality has been excellent with clear conditions in most areas with high salinity levels. There is a lot of bait in the area but not as much white bait at the moment, although there is some nice stuff to be found. The water has been high in the early morning and then a strong outgoing for the remainder until the afternoon.

So we have good weather, water, bait and moving water which adds up to fun in my book. Ft. myers fishing charter have all been a lot of fun with lots of action and quality fish. There has been a lot of snook around and in all sizes especially small to mediums. Snapper and jacks have been providing lots of action and the red fishing has been decent for the fall.  There has been a lot of birds and bait along the beaches so look for all kinds of species with them. Mackerel, lady fish, shark, tarpon and more will be mix in with the bait and can provide a lot of fun.

It is really nice to see the condition of the water and our fishery bouncing back the way it is after what we have been through. It is resilient however we need to guard it and take care of it so we can all enjoy it through out the year. Many people who come back every year where unsure what to expect this year. It is great to see them having fun catching fish and enjoying the conditions we have. It is a great time of year here in southwest Florida so get out there and have some fun on the water.

Captain Clarence


fishing charters

Fishing Charters (post-red tide)

As most of you know our area was hit with red tide this summer and the waters in our area were in ruff shape for. fishing charters When it came time to get back out there and see what was going on a few things took place. Finding good water and signs of life such as bait , mullet, birds, dolphin and of course fish was first on the list. This was a different experience but an eye opener as well. Scouting different areas and finding places to take people on a fun fishing charter was a learning experience.

It was great to be back on the water and catching fish again. As time went on the water quality became better and better and now it really looks great, hopefully we can learn from this experience and keep these waters in good shape for the future or people wont be able to enjoy them. Fort Myers fishing charters were back catching snook, red fish, trout, snapper, jacks and more. While the snook and red fish will all be released until there stocks are back to normal it has been great catching them and rebuilding for the future. In the last week or two the water has gotten clear and the sea grass seams to be in great shape in most all areas, hard to believe what it looked like this summer. Don’t take these conditions for granted we need to work to keep them consistent, because it is great to be back on the water. This is why we all come here whether it’s fishing, shelling or just going to the beach. We have a wonderful resource and a fantastic fishery, it’s great to have it back.

There has been great action on the fishing charters of late. Catching a lot of snook, snapper and jacks with schools of red fish around  as well, people are out on the water having fun. With the clear water of late there has been opportunity for sight fishing as well. Post red tide fishing charters have been a blast so come out and enjoy a fun day on the water catching some of our favorite species.

Captain Clarence