sanibel tarpon fishing

Sanibel tarpon fishing

This is the time of year Sanibel tarpon fishing really heats up. Hopefully we just had our last front come through. The fish are here we just need the wind to settle down. Sanibel tarpon fishing is a hunt. You need the right conditions in order to find the fish. When it is windy and ruff it is very difficult to do this. This is the reason that I wait till the end of April or even May to start. When the conditions are right there is nothing like finding a school of hungry tarpon. If you have experienced this before you will get the blood flowing as soon as you see them. That first cast into the school will get the adrenaline flowing.

We look forward to Sanibel tarpon fishing all year and it’s finally here. They key to success is observing what they are doing. Thinking back to another day when you witnessed this. This knowledge lets you decide what they want that day. Sometimes it doesn’t matter they may not eat at all. Sanibel tarpon fishing is awesome but some days you won’t see a single fish. Its a game that never gets old but we hope we become wiser. Experience really helps and dead occasion is a must. Wake up call is early.

On a good day the fish will show really good in the morning. Then they will go down and start back up in the afternoon. You just never know what to expect when  Sanibel tarpon fishing. Every day is a little different. Jump fourteen fish one day and don’t see one the next. Save your energy for Sanibel tarpon fishing. You will need all of it and some patients. Try and wip a fish quick so they are not shark bait. Sometimes its unavoidable however the quicker the fight the better chance of survival. Be courteous to the other anglers as well. Use the trolling motor to approach a school and give needed space.

9 Fishing Tips for Beginners

Do you love fishing? The idea of taking a relaxing afternoon to cast your line and catch some fish is deeply engrained in our culture in Southwest Florida, and for good reason. Our coastline in Fort Myers and Sanibel have some of the best sport fishing on the planet.

Below are 9 fishing tips that you can use to take your next Florida fishing trip to the next level.
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tarpon fishing charter

Tarpon fishing charter

The water is warming and the weather is right to be on the tarpon bite. The fish are here and in a good mood so far. Our waters are beautiful, teaming with bait. It is setting up to be an epic season for the silver king. Tarpon fishing charters are filling up early this year. With the warm conditions we are already on the hunt. So book your tarpon fishing charter today.

The tarpon seem to be staying close to the beach so far. One of there main food sources, the threadfin hearing have been staying offshore. There is a lot of smaller bait on the beach. The tarpon are gouging on the smaller beach bait. Not sure if the larger threadfins will come inshore. This creates a different strategy for the tarpon fishing charter. This is what we usually see in the fall when the fish are heading south for winter. The tarpon are not keying on one big bait. They are taking mouthfuls of smaller bait. In this situation you can through a whitebait at them and hope they find it. I like to put a pinfish in were they are feeding. This seems to work well as does cut bait under the frenzying fish will also work. fishing charter is a hunt and a challenge which I enjoy. The best part about it is we can let them go in the end. Try and use the wright gear so the fish can be released unharmed because too light of gear can keep the fish out there for shark bait. Looking forward to a great tarpon fishing charter season. The fish are in our waters earlier and in good numbers. Let’s hope for a lot of calm days and rolling fish. We can all enjoy this great species and lets give respect to other anglers.

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Fishing charter Fort Myers

Spring is in the air for fishing charter Fort Myers.A strong front has come through it has cooled for a couple days. Weather pattern Is solid after this cold front. Mid 80’s for the foreseeable future.  The bait is here and the fish are ready to be caught. Snook and redfish have both been really fun catches. Fishing charter fort myers have had plenty if action with mangrove snapper and jacks as well. Our fishery has rebounded in a big way. The future looks fantastic.

The water quality right now is tremendous. Clear and clean is the way we like it.  Snook are starting to move from there winter hide outs. It’s a great time to sight fish those bigger females. Sometimes on there own or in a group which is even better. They are fairly easy to spot. Any way you can get elevated on the boat will help. Even standing on a cooler will give you an advantage. It is super fun to get one to eat and seeing it live. Fishing charters Fort Myers loves the first blistering run. Be on the look out for that black back.

Redfish have been fairly plentiful. Fishing charter Fort Myers has been catching a lot of smaller fish which is great for the future. This fall will really tell us what kind of shape the stocks are in. if we have a lot of schools in the area that would be great. A good spawn would really help. Redfish are pretty durable which helps with what we went through.

Trout are not durable at all. Red tide really wiped the trout out. . Look forward to the trouts return. Reports say that they are catching them north of us.  From where I am fishing there is a bright future.




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Fort myers tarpon fishing

Fort myers tarpon fishing is ready to get started. Water Temperatures are on the rise and the bait is making it’s way inshore and north. There seems to be an abundance of crabs in the area so that will help as well. With a cold front approaching it will set things back. It won’t be the last one however if the water stays warm the fish will arrive early. The migratory fish that is. Some local fish may start to pop up around the bridges and in other local hot spots. We all love when the first few fish start to get hooked and it’s game on. Spring can bring some wind and that is not a friend of the tarpon fishing. The combination of a lot of fish in the area and the right weather is key. While fort myers tarpon fishing is a hunt. It’s a lot easier when there is an absence of white caps and you can get around with ease.

Spring is a great time of year. Not only are the tarpon in town but so are permit, kingfish, cobia and more pelagics. So if the tarpon are in a mood there are a lot of really fun options. Fort myers tarpon fishing in our new 24 foot bay boat is perfect for chasing all these great species. Fells like it is going to be an epic tarpon season. Come out this spring for an adrenaline filled experience.

Fort myers tarpon fishing is not the only game in town. The backcountry fishing has been getting really good. Big snook are coming out of there winter hideouts. The redfish seem to be in really good shape with large and small fish being caught. Trout are still tuff but a few are starting to show up. Snapper fishing has been really picking up. Some bigger ones are being caught. These are good table fare and should continue to improve. Come out this spring, there’s so many options.


Clarence Reed


Sanibel fishing charter

People often ask, why book a sanibel fishing charter?  This is a vague question for sure. The best answer that I can come up with it’s fun. Catching fish and being out on the water is fun. This is a great place to enjoy comradery with your friends and family. People who book a sanibel fishing charter can be broken up into different groups. Some want to have fun, others are looking for the big catch. Then you have your meat hunters. I enjoy all these trips, unfortunately the ones who want to have fun will be satisfied the most.

Meat hunters (Sanibel fishing charter)

Certain times a year the meat hunters are easier to take care of. The spring is usually good for trout and snapper along with some redfish. With the snook and redfish closed and the lack of trout they may have a disappointing spring. The fall has always been best for redfish and pretty good for everything else you want to eat inshore. A backcountry sanibel fishing charter is not like fill the box offshore stuff. However when it’s on you can take care of the freezer a bit. The best meat fishing to me is catch enough for a meal and release the rest.

Trophy fisherman (Sanibel fishing charter)

This to me is the most fun and adrenaline filled sanibel fishing charter. Understand when the bar is set high the odds are as well. If you plan this trip at the right time of year for a particular species then the odds go up significantly. Spring is your best bet for tarpon and permit. Fall is the time to catch an oversize red. Snook is really good in the spring but also through summer and the fall. Winter would be the toughest for an inshore trophy but still possible. I love a challenge but also appreciate people out to have a good time. Catching fish is one thing but catching certain fish on call is another.



fishing charters sanibel island

Fishing charters Sanibel Island

Fishing charters on sanibel island can vary from season to season and year to year. Many folks come to this area the same time of year every year. If it is around the christmas holiday or any time in the winter it can be warm and calm or cool and breezy. One year you caching snook and the next it’s sheep head. When the captain has boots and a winter jacket on those snook that you caught may not be happening. You never know with winter, it all depends on the weather and the water temperature. Mild winters can be dreamy with a consistent bite of snook and redfish. I would add seatrout but not sure if we are going to be catching many of those for a bit.

Fishing charters sanibel island

So far this winter we have had pretty chilly water temperatures. Catching a few snook but nothing like it was in November. Great to see an abundance of small redfish in the area. They seem to bounce back nicely so far. There is a reason we are seeing so many redfish this winter. Is it the lack of sea trout or the absence of snook in certain areas? Great topic for discussion  around the campfire. I hope this winters fishing charters around sanibel island are fun for everyone.

Shrimp fishing in the winter may not be the most glamorous but it can be fun. Everything eats a shrimp. You never know what you may catch. Sure most of the time it’s a sheephead or snapper,  but you may end up with a redfish, snook, black drum or jack. Fishing charters, sanibel island are all about fun and catching some fish. We all hope to get the big one and that’s the fun of trying. Try some winter time fishing while vacationing on sanibel island.




sanibel island fishing

Fishing for relativity

Fishing for relativity

People really enjoy sanibel island fishing.  The setting, weather, water and fishing all make it a great spot. I have been fishing the sanibel area for quite a while now and fully agree. Like most things in life it’s all relative. One day your clients catching all oversize reds but wants a keeper snook. The next you can’t buy a bite but when it turns on a small trout will suffice. From on e day to the next it’s typically different. When you find some consistency it sure makes life a bit easier. Now your coming up with a plan is case the bite dries up.  It’s nice to have a good back up plan or two when sanibel island fishing.


Not sure what that word means in the fishing world. Always expect the unpredictable and adapt to it. When the bites on, you can’t get enough. On the slow days praying doesn’t seem to work very well. A good hard strike will surely liven the crowd a bit. Sanibel Island fishing is all relative like most things in life. Take the good with the bad and make the most of it. Hopefully one of the backup plans will save the day. Be leary of that first hot spot though.

Setting the bar high.

I’ve always believed that catching a fish on the first cast is bad luck. Bring all the bananas you want, just make sure you miss that fish on the first cast. The same goes for lighting it up early. The bar gets set high then you can’t jump over it any more. Disappointment sets in and the crowd get’s harder to please. I love it when the last spot is the best and everyone has a joyful ride to the dock. Sanibel Island fishing for relativity is a tricky fish. Most of the time it all works out and sometimes it’s just fishing.





Fish like a kid

Sanibel Fishing

The best fishing is sanibel fishing. My parents used to bring us to Sanibel, Florida when we were kids. The first thing I did was rent a bike and a fishing pole. Always gone early in the morning to fish and back for dinner. Sanibel fishing was heaven to me. My favorite fishing hole now has a house on it. All day I would fish catching sheep head, redfish, snook, snapper and whatever else would eat a shrimp. One time even an alligator that was swimming in the canal ate my shrimp. Those were the days that eventually landed me back to my favorite fishing hole.

Sanibel Island

Really a great spot for so many reasons. The best reason was to fish. The beaches, back bays, canals and bridges or wherever else you could wet a line was great. Snook were such a blast to catch, definitely a favorite. Growing up striper fishing, they were the stripe of the south. Florida is such a great place for fishing. Sanibel fishing was the creme of the crop for  me. Finally I decided to move here for good. This way I could sleep and fish. Instead of just fishing.

Sanibel Guide?

I had been on a few charters in this area. Not sure exactly what I was going to do for work. I got a job and fished as much as possible. Could I make a career out of fishing? What lacked in knowledge surely was made up with determination and hard work. As usually I would learn the hard way. Trying to start a business and keep another job was getting in the way of my fishing.  Eventually your hoby takes a back seat to your career. Would I do it any differently? Well of course, I wouldn’t have worked so hard. Sanibel fishing will always be fishing and I’ll always love it.




sanibel fishing guides

Sanibel fishing guides

Sanibel fishing guides

Sanibel fishing guides have been around a long time. Before the bridge and a lot of main roads were here. People have always flocked here for the great fishing opportunities. Even before they used engines fishing guides were rowing to make a living. It’s pretty cool to be apart of that. Wondering what it must have been like. In the beginning it must have been awful good. With more pressure and no regulations things change pretty quickly. Maintaining balance is the key to keeping everything just right. This is a hard thing to do. Besides things out of or control like red tide, cold water and I almost said fresh water.

Our office

Fresh water outflow is not in our control. With that being said it’s controllable with some help. Sanibel fishing guides of this era probably won’t see much of it. Hopefully for future generations they figure it out. We have a wonderful office and a great playground. It is starting to rebuild it’s self now and we can all help in some way. Fishing has been unsuspectedly good. Fishing guides as a whole are happy to see the closures that have been put in place. Catch and release is a wonderful thing.

Looking ahead

This fall has been an eye open for this sanibel fishing guide. Seeing how bad the fishery was hurt but still how strong it is. Snook fishing was really good in certain areas. The trout will have to re-build there stocks in all our local waters. They were hit hard but will bounce back the fastest. Red fish seems ok with quite a few smaller fish around now. This is a good sign that they had some kind of a spawn. The future is bright from where I am casting. As a guide I look forward to watching this area grow and hopefully we learned something along the way.