tarpon release

Fort myers tarpon fishing

Fort myers tarpon fishing is ready to get started. Water Temperatures are on the rise and the bait is making it’s way inshore and north. There seems to be an abundance of crabs in the area so that will help as well. With a cold front approaching it will set things back. It won’t be the last one however if the water stays warm the fish will arrive early. The migratory fish that is. Some local fish may start to pop up around the bridges and in other local hot spots. We all love when the first few fish start to get hooked and it’s game on. Spring can bring some wind and that is not a friend of the tarpon fishing. The combination of a lot of fish in the area and the right weather is key. While fort myers tarpon fishing is a hunt. It’s a lot easier when there is an absence of white caps and you can get around with ease.

Spring is a great time of year. Not only are the tarpon in town but so are permit, kingfish, cobia and more pelagics. So if the tarpon are in a mood there are a lot of really fun options. Fort myers tarpon fishing in our new 24 foot bay boat is perfect for chasing all these great species. Fells like it is going to be an epic tarpon season. Come out this spring for an adrenaline filled experience.

Fort myers tarpon fishing is not the only game in town. The backcountry fishing has been getting really good. Big snook are coming out of there winter hideouts. The redfish seem to be in really good shape with large and small fish being caught. Trout are still tuff but a few are starting to show up. Snapper fishing has been really picking up. Some bigger ones are being caught. These are good table fare and should continue to improve. Come out this spring, there’s so many options.


Clarence Reed