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Fishing charters fort myers

Fishing charters fort myers fishing report this week has been solid with great fishing and weather. October and November have treated us with some outstanding weather as usual. The fall is such a fantastic time of year to fish with so much opportunity. Inshore, nearshore and offshore are all so good so plan accordingly and enjoy them all. This week was really good for catching snook and quite a few bigger fish around. We have a big temperature change coming for a few days so we shall see how they react to the changing water temperatures.

December is on the door step and with a shot of winter, things are going to change a bit. Bait has been getting a bit tougher these days so that will be a big factor going forward. Hopefully the water temp will bounce back as we warm up and the fish will start to get more active. The previous cold front we caught quite a few snook and red fish on shrimp and a jig so that’s always a good thing to try.  Also a free lined, hand picked shrimp on a snooks nose will attract some attention. Fishing charters fort myers has hooked a few small tarpon with the warm weather around which was an exciting surprise. Mangrove snapper has been getting tougher as the larger ones seem to be moving off but still catching a few. Trout still remain a mystery, hope they will rejuvenate quickly.

We had some fun on fishing charters fort myers this week and look forward to catching them next week. There has been quite a few small red fish showing up which continue through the winter. It’s good to see we have had a good spawn and hope all the species will be on the rebound. Some areas are holding plots of fish and yet other need a little help. Have fun fishing, enjoy the beautiful waters and conserve our fishery.