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Fish like a kid

Sanibel Fishing The best fishing is sanibel fishing. My parents used to bring us to Sanibel, Florida when we were kids. The first thing I did was rent a bike and a fishing pole. Always gone early in the morning to fish and back for dinner. Sanibel fishing was heaven to me. My favorite fishing […]

Sanibel fishing guides

Sanibel fishing guides Sanibel fishing guides have been around a long time. Before the bridge and a lot of main roads were here. People have always flocked here for the great fishing opportunities. Even before they used engines fishing guides were rowing to make a living. It’s pretty cool to be apart of that. Wondering […]

Fishing Fort Myers Florida

Fishing Fort Myers Florida Fishing Fort Myers, Florida doesn’t get any better. People come from all over the country to fish are great waters. Not only the country but from all over the world. This area offer an abundance of nature and wildlife. The bird life along with all the dolphins and manatees is spectacular. […]

Deep sea fishing fort myers

Deep sea fishing fort myers are lots of fun on the right day. We specialize in back country fishing for sure. When the forecast is right deep sea fishing fort myers is a blast. In a 24 foot boat our range is not the best. Certain times of year you don’t have to run that […]

Charter Fishing Fort Myers

Charter fishing fort myers is a different lifestyle. We like to were flip flops and get to much sun. Most have racoon eyes year round and not enough sun block. For some it’s a part time retirement gig. But for the guy who is making a living at it, wow serious business now. Things like […]

Fishing Sanibel Island

me of year fishing Sanibel island has it’s up’s and down’s. With cold front coming on a weekly basis now you have to be ready for change. Therefore some of the best fishing is done in bad weather. The reason for this is as the front approaches typically the water is still warm. The wind […]

Fort myers fishing guides

Fort myers fishing guides and living the dream. Loving to fish and being a guide are much different. This will change over time as well. Flip the switch sometime and hire a fishing guide. One thing  I understand  is the fish don’t jump in the boat. Guides are hired to do all the work so […]

Sanibel Fishing Charters

Sanibel fishing charters offers an array of fishing opportunity in a unique setting.  We are fortunate to have such an expansive back country fishery to explore. With expansive grass flats and miles of mangrove shorelines, our fish have a great habitat. We are fortunate to have an abundance of bait fish in our area almost […]

Fishing charters fort myers

Fishing charters fort myers fishing report this week has been solid with great fishing and weather. October and November have treated us with some outstanding weather as usual. The fall is such a fantastic time of year to fish with so much opportunity. Inshore, nearshore and offshore are all so good so plan accordingly and […]

Sanibel island fishing charter report

Sanibel island fishing charter, fishing report was very positive with good weather, fishing and water conditions. Water temperatures started in the low 80’s and climbed from there. Water quality has been excellent with clear conditions in most areas with high salinity levels. There is a lot of bait in the area. Not as much white […]