Looking to catch some
Redfish this season?


Redfish are quite obviously named for their body color which has a copper hue and generally one spot just before the tail. Although these fish can grow to be up to 90 pounds, they are usually only caught up to the 15 pound size, because larger fish have a very strong taste and the meat tends to be quite coarse.

Aggressive commercial Redfish fishing Sea Reed Charters Fort Myers Floridanearly eliminated this species, but with careful conservation and restrictions, this species is making a comeback. The legal limit for this fish in Florida is one 18 – 27 inch redfish daily. If you decide to use a charter company to go Redfish fishing, you should specify that this is the species that you would like to fish for.

The best baits to use for redfish fishing include crab, shrimp or finger mullet. Redfish typically feed on the bottom of the ocean. The scent of cut bait often proves irresistible to Redfish and can lure them out from their hiding spots. One of the most effective methods of catching Redfish is slow trolling by using a flat-bottomed boat.

If a school of Redfish is encountered, it is best to slow the boat down in order to allow the bait to sink. Once the boat is stopped and the bait is sinking, the rod should be removed from the rod holder and the tip should be moved up and down to give a flutter effect to the spoon.
In general, the best place for Redfish fishing is in the lagoon areas where the reeds and grasses are thick and bushy. Casting from the boat with a suitable lure and then reeling it in at a reasonable rate is one method of attracting the Redfish.

Many fishing charter companies have spots that they know are hot for this species. All you need to do is hire a charter company to take you inland to their secret spots. Most charter companies are busy during the peak summer season, so it is important to book your desired date early to avoid disappointment.
Sea Reed Charters offers a variety of options, for one to four guests with 4 hour, 6 hour and 8 hour options. Once you have your trip to Florida booked, you should plan your days out so that you make the most out of them while you are on vacation. Breaking up your week with a fantastic fishing charter in the middle of it will surely be a highlight of your vacation.