Fish like a kid

Sanibel Fishing

The best fishing is sanibel fishing. My parents used to bring us to Sanibel, Florida when we were kids. The first thing I did was rent a bike and a fishing pole. Always gone early in the morning to fish and back for dinner. Sanibel fishing was heaven to me. My favorite fishing hole now has a house on it. All day I would fish catching sheep head, redfish, snook, snapper and whatever else would eat a shrimp. One time even an alligator that was swimming in the canal ate my shrimp. Those were the days that eventually landed me back to my favorite fishing hole.

Sanibel Island

Really a great spot for so many reasons. The best reason was to fish. The beaches, back bays, canals and bridges or wherever else you could wet a line was great. Snook were such a blast to catch, definitely a favorite. Growing up striper fishing, they were the stripe of the south. Florida is such a great place for fishing. Sanibel fishing was the creme of the crop for  me. Finally I decided to move here for good. This way I could sleep and fish. Instead of just fishing.

Sanibel Guide?

I had been on a few charters in this area. Not sure exactly what I was going to do for work. I got a job and fished as much as possible. Could I make a career out of fishing? What lacked in knowledge surely was made up with determination and hard work. As usually I would learn the hard way. Trying to start a business and keep another job was getting in the way of my fishing.  Eventually your hoby takes a back seat to your career. Would I do it any differently? Well of course, I wouldn’t have worked so hard. Sanibel fishing will always be fishing and I’ll always love it.