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Fort Myers Fishing

As most of you know our area was hit with red tide this summer and the waters in our area were in ruff shape for fort myers fishing. When it came time to get back out there and see what was going on a few things took place. Finding good water and signs of life such as bait, mullet, birds and dolphin. After that finding fish was next on the list. This was a different experience but an eye opener as well. Scouting different areas and finding places to take people on a fun fishing charter was a learning experience.

It was great to be back on the water and catching fish again. As time went on the water quality became better and better and now it really looks great. Hopefully we can learn from this experience and keep these waters in good shape for the future..   Fort Myers fishing was back catching snook, red fish, trout, snapper, jacks and more. The snook and red fish will all be released until there stocks are back to normal. It has been great catching them and rebuilding for the future. We have seen some great improvements in our water clarity. The sea grass seams to be in great shape in most all areas, hard to believe what it looked like this summer. Don’t take these conditions for granted we need to work to keep them consistent, because it is great to be back on the water.

There has been great action on the fishing charters of late. Catching a lot of snook, snapper and jacks with schools of red fish around  as well. People are out on the water having fun. With the clear water of late there has been opportunity for sight fishing as well. Post red tide fishing charters have been a blast so come out and enjoy a fun day on the water catching some of our favorite species.

Captain Clarence