fishing sanibel island

Fishing Sanibel Island

me of year fishing Sanibel island has it’s up’s and down’s. With cold front coming on a weekly basis now you have to be ready for change. Therefore some of the best fishing is done in bad weather. The reason for this is as the front approaches typically the water is still warm. The wind is blowing out of the north as the temperature drops we feel it. However it takes a few cold days to cool down the water. So the water may still be in the 70’s but the wind and air are cold. A few days later as the air starts to warm the water will remain cold. A few warm afternoons will bounce it back. By this time we usually have another front on our doorsteps. This is typical for most of the winter.

Bait has been tough to get and will continue for awhile. The chilly water temps make the shrimp a bait of choice. Some different ways to fish shrimp is on a jig, free lined or on a hook with a split shot. It all depends on the species, water depth and temperature. One thing about fishing with shrimp, everything eats them. So when the weather starts to warm and the water is chilly it pays to dunk a shrimp.

The great thing about fishing sanibel island is you can do it all year without drilling a hole in the ice. The fishing can get tougher but there’s always something to catch. Catching big snook on live bait after fronts is not uncommon. The fish only know how cold the water is. The winter is a time to try it all. Find out what they are in the mood for. Typically when the water is cooler they aren’t going to want to work hard to feed. Keep trying till they stop biting.