fishing fort myers florida

Fishing Fort Myers Florida

Fishing Fort Myers Florida

Fishing Fort Myers, Florida doesn’t get any better. People come from all over the country to fish are great waters. Not only the country but from all over the world. This area offer an abundance of nature and wildlife. The bird life along with all the dolphins and manatees is spectacular. In the winter it is common to see bald eagles and bunches of white pelicans. The surroundings on our fishing grounds alone are breath taking. Mullet flying through the air while you are trying to make a cast to a cruising snook is pretty cool. We have a unique setting and a great fishery here in Fort Myers, Florida.

Best Time?

People always ask what is the best time of year to fish? Great question with many answers. Obviously the fall is awesome for redfish. This is the time of year they school up on the flats in abundance. Snook is great in the fall as well, while they fatten up for winter. Winter can be a lot of fun, fishing the beautiful creeks and protected mangrove areas. You will catch snook, red fish, trout, black drum and sheep head. Spring is wonderful for big trout and snook that are heading for the beach. Of course the tarpon are hear which is the highlight of spring. Summer is hot and so is the beach fishing. Snook and trout will be out there along with a few tarpon. I guess the best time to fish is the present.

The slam?

Fishing for the slam in Fort Myers, Florida is a fun challenge. Our charters go for two different types. The most common is the Pine Island slam. This consist of a snook, red fish and sea trout all by the same angler. The second one is the gland slam which is a snook, red fish, seatrout and tarpon. Both are an achievement but the grand slam is awesome.