fishing charters sanibel island

Fishing charters Sanibel Island

Fishing charters on sanibel island can vary from season to season and year to year. Many folks come to this area the same time of year every year. If it is around the christmas holiday or any time in the winter it can be warm and calm or cool and breezy. One year you caching snook and the next it’s sheep head. When the captain has boots and a winter jacket on those snook that you caught may not be happening. You never know with winter, it all depends on the weather and the water temperature. Mild winters can be dreamy with a consistent bite of snook and redfish. I would add seatrout but not sure if we are going to be catching many of those for a bit.

Fishing charters sanibel island

So far this winter we have had pretty chilly water temperatures. Catching a few snook but nothing like it was in November. Great to see an abundance of small redfish in the area. They seem to bounce back nicely so far. There is a reason we are seeing so many redfish this winter. Is it the lack of sea trout or the absence of snook in certain areas? Great topic for discussion  around the campfire. I hope this winters fishing charters around sanibel island are fun for everyone.

Shrimp fishing in the winter may not be the most glamorous but it can be fun. Everything eats a shrimp. You never know what you may catch. Sure most of the time it’s a sheephead or snapper,  but you may end up with a redfish, snook, black drum or jack. Fishing charters, sanibel island are all about fun and catching some fish. We all hope to get the big one and that’s the fun of trying. Try some winter time fishing while vacationing on sanibel island.