deep sea fishing charters

Deep sea fishing fort myers

Deep sea fishing fort myers are lots of fun on the right day. We specialize in back country fishing for sure. When the forecast is right deep sea fishing fort myers is a blast. In a 24 foot boat our range is not the best. Certain times of year you don’t have to run that far. In the winter the gag grouper come in on the ledges. Migratory fish like king fish, cobia, bonita and permit are fun in the spring and fall. Big mangrove snapper and tasty lane snapper are fun to catch and eat. If you want to wear yourself out pull on an amberjack or goliath grouper.


When i’m looking to fish structure chum is in the equation. The first thing after getting anchored up is put the chum  out. Not only will this bring up the snapper. It will draw in other fish and bait that is in the area. putting a block out is a good choice. You can also mix your own in a bucket and use that. Keep the chum flowing constantly as well. Live bait is great to have while deep sea fishing. If you have a lot, chum some in your area. Don’t be surprised if some bonita, king fish or amberjack move in. Sending live bait to the bottom is effective as well. You never know what you’ll catch out there.

Deep sea fishing fort myers, live bottom

Fishing live bottom is lots of fun as well. Trolling motors with the spot lock feature really help when deep sea fishing.  I like to drift over live bottom then hit the spot lock on a good area. If you find a good patch snapper, grouper and a variety of species are likely. Free lining a live bait out the rocket launcher is a good idea. There is something usually lurking out there. Find the right day to enjoy some deep sea fishing in fort myers.