charter fishing fort myers

Charter Fishing Fort Myers

Charter fishing fort myers is a different lifestyle. We like to were flip flops and get to much sun. Most have racoon eyes year round and not enough sun block. For some it’s a part time retirement gig. But for the guy who is making a living at it, wow serious business now. Things like the economy and real estate actually play a factor, along with hurricanes and red tide. Water quality for us in the fort myers area is always a factor.

Charter Fishing Fort Myers

Fishing charters could not be run for over two months. Local businesses were hit hard by the red tide. Most of whom are over it by now. If your a charter fisherman in the area it’s been a bit different. What we rely on is fishing. A lot of the fish are not swimming any more and will take time to re cover. While some of our client’s are not fishing with us until they feel it’s worth there while. Catch and release fishing has been strong this fall. Snook fishing has been great with fish of all sizes. Every inshore species need a break until there stocks are up. Pressure in this area is never going to decrease.

Charter fishing in fort myers will take a long term hit of some percentage. Will it ever get back to the way it was or better. Time will tell how it will hold up. Without any major water issues, red tide or cold periods, we need at least 2 years to re stock our fish populations. This is opinion and hope that things all go well. I believe it’s worth a hit on our industry to get our fishery back.  Winter and spring will give us a hint of where are local stocks are going to be at.