9 Fishing Tips for Beginners

Do you love fishing? The idea of taking a relaxing afternoon to cast your line and catch some fish is deeply engrained in our culture in Southwest Florida, and for good reason. Our coastline in Fort Myers and Sanibel have some of the best sport fishing on the planet.

Below are 9 fishing tips that you can use to take your next Florida fishing trip to the next level.

Relax While Fishing

If you are like some anglers, the one thing that you forget to do is relax while fishing. That’s one thing that you should resolve to do this coming year. Rather than worrying about if you’re going to catch anything, simply take this time to reflect and relax.

Consider Trying New Techniques

Even if you have been fishing for many years, chances are that you have gotten comfortable and maybe into a rut. Why not try something new and different? Yes, it could be a little scary to consider. But you may just find something new that you are going to love doing.

Exercise When You’re Not Fishing

Fishing’s a sport. But a lot of the times when you are fishing you are simply sitting there. When you aren’t going fishing, think about trying another type of exercise. Join a gym, take your dog for a walk or even play with your kids.

Get Organized

When was the last time that you have organized your tackle? If you’re like a lot of anglers, the box that holds your tackle’s a mess. If you take the time to get organized, you may find that you are having a better day of fishing simply because you know where everything is.

Give Others Help

The last thing you probably want to do is to tell everyone where your favorite fishing spot is. But you never know what can happen. You can create friendships and maybe have a new fishing buddy to go with.

Remember Your Camera

One thing that an angler is notorious for is telling tales about those huge fish that they caught. But they often don’t have any proof. That’s why you want to make sure that you have a camera with you, even if it’s just your cell phone camera.

Be Patient

True anglers know that you have to have a lot of patience to fish. But a bit more is never going to be amiss. Allow your bait to remain in the river or ocean a bit longer before you’re moving on.

Make More Fishing Plans for the Weekend

Fishing for the day is a good place to start. But you want to take some time and plan to go fishing for longer. Whether it’s just a weekend or you take a whole week to go fishing, you’re going to have so much fun. Find a place to stay at your favorite fishing spot and have a vacation.

Fish from a Boat

Are you always fishing from a pier or from the shore? Why not try something new and rent yourself a boat that you can fish from? Or maybe you can go on a chartered fishing boat. Some fish, like tarpon, are easier to catch from a boat. Either way, you’ll love the experience. Just remember the sunscreen!


These are 9 things that you should try doing when it comes to fishing in Southwest Florida You are going to find a whole new world out there waiting for you on the Gulf of Mexico!

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