Winter has arrived

We have had several strong cold fronts come through with not much of a chance to warm back up. With this being said the water temperatures have stayed below 65 for sometime and some lows around 58. This changes the game in a hurry and we need some new tactics for success. I will start to carry shrimp on my Sanibel fishing charters and Fort myers fishing charters and catching live bait as well but what happens is the fish slow down due to the colder water temps and they may not want to chase a bait fish down.

If this is the case then i go to a shrimp on a jig head 1/4 ounce or less and work them slow. We still are focusing on the redfish, snook and trout but we will also target sheepshead and black drum and some snapper and jacks. Its hard to complain about highs in the 60’s but this can make us work a bit more for our fish. Tight Lines.

Captain Clarence Reed 20160114_164838

Get out of the cold and enjoy a Sanibel fishing charter