The Best, WOW

As I sip my coffee and write this article I reflect back to my morning breakfast with redfish Charlie in Canada this fall. Mostly we would talk about fishing and sports but life as well. Charlie Thompson lived life to the fullest and enjoyed every minute of it that I noticed. We had a great trip to Canada, one that I will never forgot and all the time I spent with Charlie was just fun. I’ll miss that laugh and all the times he would say, “WOW” among other phrases.

We would fish a bunch in the spring and Charlie loved to catch fish and was a great cook as well. I remember one trip in particular when Charlene, Charlie’s wonderful wife was with us and we were on a school of reds which were mostly over sized but we did get our limit. This is when we gave Charlie his name redfish Charlie because he loved to catch redfish and even more share them on the table with family and friends. By the way Charlene caught the biggest redfish that day.

I look back at all the great times we had and all the great fishing trips and feel lucky to have such a great friend who I miss a lot. The spring wont be the same without Charlie texting me from the hotel with the binocular’s giving me the update on the tarpon migration. We lost a great man who loved his family and friends and life it self. Charlie was a muskie fisherman at heart but he is still known as Redfish Charlie to me. Farewell my friend L/U  PS He loved mangrove snapper too!!                                                                                           .photo (4)IMG_0957