Mistaken Identity

The weather and the water temp are still making the fishing this week on the difficult side. Still catching some reds and trout along with sheep head and black drum, a few jacks and snapper as well. Hooked one snook all week and lost it but it was small. The water has come up into the low 60’s but we have a front on our heels not as cold we hope. On an afternoon trip I was really struggling and had to get on a bite so I found a good bite on small trout and lady fish. Nothing great but we were catching. All the sudden one of the guys hooks a big pompano. it was a great fight and on ice it went. Second biggest pompano I had ever caught and then we hooked a nice bluefish. We moved on from there and caught a bunch of reds ranging from 16-30″, turned out to be one of the best trips of the week.

So with that being said I had pompano on the brain. Having another tough day I moved in for some trout just to get a bite going and we caught one keeper and a bunch of shorts. I noticed another boat nearby had caught a few pompano and they left so I moved into that area and hooked into what seemed like a nice pompano but when we got a look at it I though it was a small permit so we released it. Now we really start to get into them and most were smaller than the first one and they looked like pompano so we kept 2 and probably caught 10 others.

Back to the ramp to clean up some delicious pompano, these fish were 13″ to the fork and pompano have to be 11″ so nice ones. As I get ready to filet the fish the FWC officer ask me about the catch and I say we have 2 pompano but released a bunch because that’s all my client wanted. As he took a closer look and said they were permit and showed me how the dorsal fin was longer, one he wasn’t sure  but one was definitely a permit and as I filleted the fish I could tell they were both permit by the meat and size of the filet’s. The officer told me that the bag limit on permit was 2 and was I lucky that day. By the way we ate the permit and it was delicious but next time the permit will be released.

Tight Lines

Captain Clarence Reed

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