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The legal limit for this fish in Florida is one 18 – 27 inch Red fish daily.

Red fish are quite obviously named for their body color which has a copper hue and generally one spot just before the tail. Fort myers fishing charters most successful month for red fish is October. Although these fish can grow to be up to 90 pounds, they are usually only caught up to the 15 pound range.

Catching Red Fish!

Fort Myers Fishing Charters with Capt. Clarence Reed

Fort myers fishing charters catch Red fish all year round, but the fall is the best time to catch them. They call it Red October and this is when we get large schools of Red fish, These fish are so much fun to catch and great to eat as well. Red fish are great fighters with a lot of stamina, they never seem to give up.

There are many different ways to catch them. This depends mostly on how aggressive they are. Typically, I’ll try and get them to eat live pilchards along with some live chum.If there not in the mood for that I’ll use pin fish and cut bait such as fresh lady fish or mullet. Red fish are challenging to catch at times. A real test on an anglers skills at times. Truly a fantastic fish all around. They provide a bulldogging fight and great table fare. Let us put you on some Red fish the next time you’re on a Fort Myers fishing charter.

Captain Reed knows the sweet spots to land large quantiy of Red Fish

He is guided by his experience and helpful instruction. If you have been dreaming of  a Red Fish fishing charter, why not call Sea Reed Charters and book your fort myers fishing charter for this upcoming season? If you already have a date in mind, it is best to book now to avoid disappointment.

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By Clarence Reed

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