Redfishing in Fort Myers and Sanibel

Fall Redfishing Fort Myers Sanibel

Fall Redfishing Fort Myers Sanibel –

Find out more about Fall Redfishing Fort Myers Sanibel … the Redfishing in our area is starting to heat up with smaller bunches of fish and some larger schools. We have been catching a lot of slot fish with some oversized Reds as well. There has been a good Snook bite with some larger fish starting to show up early this season and plenty of small to medium size fish. The Mangrove Snapper bite has been fun with some jacks mixed in. Trout fishing has been a bit slow but we are catching some slot fish and a lot of shorts.

Fall Redfishing Fort Myers Sanibel | Call Sea Reed Charters Today!We look forward to Red October every year…  it is without a doubt the best time to catch redfish in our area and just a great month for fishing, if not the best month of the year here in Southwest Florida.  There are an abundance of Redfish, and with the Snook heading in from the beaches to the back country, October sets up to be an exciting time to fish, as always!

This is also a great time of year to get off the beaches and get into some real line screamers. Big schools of bait will be all along the beaches and there will be a lot of predators taking advantage of this. You can find these bait schools by looking for the birds and sometimes you will see them on the surface as well. Try to fish around the outside of these schools and get ready for just about anything. Tarpon, sharks, Bonita, redfish, kingfishand whatever else wants to join the party. The action can be a couple hundred yards off the beach to a few miles just look for the food chain and hang on.

See 5 Strategies for Catching Redfish by Sport Fishing Magazine and get ready for an awesome trip!