Bye Bye Baitfish

With the continuing cold fronts and the water temperatures dipping below 60 the bait fish have headed out to deeper and a bit warmer water. Hello shrimpies, not sure if that’s a word but that’s the bait we will be using if it continues to stay colder. Sheep head are not my favorite target by a long shot but if the redfish and trout are being shy then sheep head it is.

The first cold morning that’s exactly what I did, After trying to get some reds and trout to bite unsuccessfully, we ended up with 13 keeper sheep head and a few black drum. As the water started creeping towards 60 I shifted back to the reds and trout and by the way snook do not like cold water that’s why I have not mentioned them. The bite was not on fire but we did catch some reds and small trout a few pompano and some big sheep head. Hoping the water temp rises and the bait returns but until then we will keep shrimping on. Tight lines.

Captain Clarence Reed

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